A labour of love entreprise

Nature’s Medicine

Medicinal Earth began in a single moment.  I was standing in my garden, feeling emotional and helpless, contemplating the serious health issues both my parents faced.


I looked around at the natural medicines I knew and loved so well, gave my head a shake, and decided to look into making remedies that might give them some relief.


Not too long after, I found myself at a local  market with a whole line of products, created from my cultivated or wild harvested medicinals. Medicinal Earth was born and my respect and awe at the power of nature’s medicine took deep root.

Reciprocal Wellness

Natural Remedies

Environmental Education

Science & Spirituality

What We Offer

The medicinal richness of herbal extracts in liquid concentrate to balance your health and wellness needs.

Herbal medicine as a potent tea & tonic for your hormonal, digestive and detox support.  Custom blends available.

Skin and hair care products made from nature’s healing, soothing and nourishing botanicals.

Nature’s powerful medicines blended for treating your aches, pains, itches and ouches.

Our Mission

Conscious Culture

Minimizing impact through small batch full circle waste free artisanal production, closest to source ingredients, respectfully, sustainably, handpicked garden and wild plants and mushrooms, dried or infused with care.

Science + Sacred

Passionate about bridging current scientific knowledge with the sacred, ancient wisdom, traditions and spiritual reverence.

Harvesting + Wild Foraging

With deep respect for the offering of Earth’s medicine, harvesting and wild foraging is the foundation of our customized remedies for people and pets.

Reciprocal Wellness

Closed loop cyclical nature- caring for the land and its biodiversity in turn nourishes our own (composting, companion planting, conservation, respectful harvesting)

Labour of Love

With a reverence and deep connection to the Earth as an organic gardener, environmentalist, herbalist, on a shamanic path.

About Me

An educator with a background in life sciences and a degree in kinesiology, a deep connection with the land has kept me developing ways to engage young people with the natural world.  With a lifetime informally studying nutrition, holistic health and natural medicines, and once a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I attempted to offer options for health and wellness needs not effectively addressed by conventional medicine.


I see our health and wellness and that of the Earth as interconnected, and, my wee business feels in this way, as a small part of the groundswell of initiatives around the world shifting us to collaborative community, integral sustainability, and authentic connection founded on the direct correlation of scientific understanding and sacred reverence for all life.

Kym Pedicelli
Lovely Lunatic

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