Wonder and Awe of  Earth’s Medicine

About ME

The mission of Medicinal Earth is to offer retailers and practitioners effective, pure, artisanal remedies created from medicinal plants and mushrooms.


My work over the last 30 years as certified personal trainer, yoga and fitness instructor, science and environmental educator and organic gardener along with my studies in kinesiology, nutrition, outdoor pursuits and herbalism developed in me a reverence for, and deep connection to, the Earth. It has also helped me understand what it takes to develop lifestyle habits that truly support holistic health.


I have always been passionate about bridging science with the sacred, as in current scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, traditions and spiritual reverence. My work is informed and enriched by this perspective.


Minimizing impact, a belief that ‘less is more’, conscious cultivation, harvesting and wild foraging have become mainstays of my life and work. I value collaboration and enjoy working with individuals, retailers and practitioners in this way and customize remedies for both human and non.

Reciprocal Wellness

Natural Remedies



Medicinal Earth began in a single moment. I was standing in my garden, feeling emotional and helpless, contemplating the serious health issues both my parents faced. My stepfather, a quadriplegic, was becoming increasingly bedridden due to bedsores. He needed ‘round the clock care and his prescribed cream was making his skin thinner and less able to heal. My mother was battling Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. She had just found out she needed another round of chemotherapy but couldn’t take the time given my father’s needs.


I looked around at the natural medicines I knew and loved so well, gave my head a shake, and decided to look into making remedies that might give them some relief.


I hit the books, read the scientific research. I experimented in my kitchen, I travelled to workshops and took training courses on the particularities of making ointments, salves and tinctures. My stepfather’s bedsores healed, dumbfounding his dermatologist and homecare nurse, and my mother’s blood cell count returned to normal allowing her to sidestep chemotherapy, I found myself at a local Fall Harvest market with a whole line of products, created from my cultivated or wild harvested medicinals. Medicinal Earth was born and my respect and awe at the power of nature’s medicine took deep root.

Environmental Education

Science & Spirituality

Reciprocal Wellness… It starts with ME

We are all under extreme stress, not only in our personal and professional lives, but also globally, as we try to conceptualize and manage a crisis of our Earth. Its planetary life systems poisoned, its overall health and biodiversity, on a macroscopic scale devastated. This stress seems compounded as we deal with a similar experience within ourselves, on a microscopic level, a crisis of our own life systems and health, a loss of our own internal biodiversity through emotional and physiological toxification from daily stress and environmental factors. We are living longer but with increased dis-ease and mental illness.


Our health and the health of the Earth are as vitally interdependent. It is a relationship of Reciprocal Wellness: Drawing on the power of nature’s medicine I try to bring people closer to themselves while opening the door to their intimate relationship with the Earth. What not long ago was simply part of our consciousness is being lost over only a few generations. Every day I work, like so many, to be part of this remembering, to live with gratitude, recognizing and creating beauty, to use my time positively and wisely, for compassion, healing and connection. This is my soulwork.