Meet Medicinal Earth’s Founder

Hi! I am Kym Pedicelli, a science teacher with a background in environmental education and a deep connection to the Earth, as an organic gardener, environmentalist, herbalist, on a shamanic path. I have studied outdoor pursuits, kinesiology and creative arts, have been a fitness trainer, working with clients on their nutrition and lifestyle habits, with holistic health a personal focus, and herbology/natural medicinals a consistent passion, supported by my outdoor oriented lifestyle and related courses and workshops throughout the past 30 years. Having taken time away from the troubled education system and to be more available for ailing aging parents, I have found myself spending even more time in my garden and the woods for my own centering, like a restorative meditation, feeling more than ever connected to the life surrounding me where there is an innate balance and purpose to everything I find and learn about there. The wonder and awe I feel in the natural world is like a balm to the anxiousness I feel with the frenetic demands of our stressful lives. The more I learn about the science and relationship of organisms in the natural world, the more magical it all seems and the more compelled I am to work with it and share this passion and deep understanding. I began making products, first a skin tonic and then a skin salve, when I realized I could make them myself, minimizing my “environmental impact” with truly local production and not only knowing their ingredients but being able to choose them myself, and while doing so, deepening my connection with the ecology, plant biology and human physiology/health. I also believe, as is the First Nations perspective, that the effectiveness of a medicine is a result of this energy and intention put in, perceived and made use of it as medicine from each of the plants or funghi is given to create it.

I believe we are all under extreme stress, not only in our personal and professional lives, but also globally, as we try to conceptualize and manage a crisis of our Earth, the poisoning and devastation of our planetary life systems, its overall health and biodiversity, on a macroscopic scale. This stress seems compounded as we deal with a similar experience within ourselves, on a microscopic level, a crisis of our own life systems and health, a loss of our own internal biodiversity through emotional and physiological toxification from daily stress and environmental factors; we are living longer but with increased dis-ease and mental illness.

I see the deep connection between our health and the health of the Earth, connection to this living organism on which we depend, and our connection with our essential selves as critically interdependent. If I can help bring people closer to themselves, through their own health while opening the door to the intimate powerful relationship with the Earth through its medicine, I am ecstatic. It is not long ago where this was simply part of all our consciousness, lost over only a few generations. Every day I ask that I make a positive impact, to live with gratitude, recognizing and creating beauty, to use my time wisely, for compassion, healing and connection. Having said that, I am grateful for you having taken the time to read all this!!

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