Conscious Culture

Minimizing impact through small batch full circle waste free artisanal production, closest to source ingredients, respectfully, sustainably, handpicked garden and wild plants and mushrooms, dried or infused with care.

Science + Sacred

Passionate about bridging current scientific knowledge with the sacred, ancient wisdom, traditions and spiritual reverence.

Harvesting + Wild Foraging

With deep respect for the offering of Earth’s medicine, harvesting and wild foraging is the foundation of our customized remedies for people and pets.

Reciprocal Wellness

Closed loop cyclical nature- caring for the land and its biodiversity in turn nourishes our own (composting, companion planting, conservation, respectful harvesting)

Labour of Love

With a reverence and deep connection to the Earth as an organic gardener, environmentalist, herbalist, on a shamanic path.

homemade artisanal holistic health products made from
hand-picked plants, love <3 and respect.

I cultivate or harvest wild biodynamic, organic plants to make infusions, decoctions and tinctures, to create a line of first aid and skin care products such as cough and cold kits, wound healing kits, skin and hair tonic, skin salve, eczema soothing kits, body powder and deodorant, as well as a line of plant tinctures for aiding in immune system support to reducing menopause symptoms.


The fact that I grow or wild harvest medicinals to create my products from scratch sets Medicinal Earth apart from most other products on the market predominantly made with the use of commercially sold essential oils.


All my products contain local ingredients such as sunflower oil and beeswax, except the tropical butters and oils, these procured from organic local vendors whenever possible.

All our products are available for retail.

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