Aches, Pains, Bruises ‘n Bumps Massage-in Oil



As with the Strain, Sprains, Aches ‘n Pains Liniment, the plants chosen for this blend are nature’s anti-inflammatory and pain relievers in an oil infusion for massaging into painful or inflamed areas from strains, sprains, bumps, bruises, arthritis, or muscle tension.

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Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:
Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:

Sunflower, grapeseed and cedar oil infusions of these respectfully, sustainably wild harvested and consciously cultivated plants:

  • bunchberry
  • cayenne
  • chamomile
  • clove
  • comfrey
  • lavender
  • lemon balm
  • plantain
  • nettle
  • prickly ash
  • self-heal
  • saint john’s wort
  • tansy
  • willow

Blended with organic and locally sourced elderberry and grapeseed extracts + vitamin E


Massage in as needed, where needed. Gentle enough to be used on infants and non-human loved ones (may also lick it right off your hands).

Best if this topical application is partnered with an internal analgesic and anti-inflammatory such as the Take the Edge Off Tincture (for chronic issues, the dried infusion blend version might be beneficial as both a bath soak and tea.)