Skin Allergen Kit 2




Skin Soother Spray Allergen Neutralizer, After Allergen Balm, Allergy Defense Tincture 50ml

The three step Full Skin Allergen Kit is ideal to have on hand if you work or play where known allergens are common, or, now with climate change, are spreading. . Keep the Skin Soother Spray handy and use immediately if you suspect you’ve had contact.

The 3-step kit works both to neutralize the allergen urushiol oils and calm the itchy inflamed skin reaction as well as internally managing the reactive histamine immune response.

Skin Soother Spray neutralizes the allergen, soothes the crazy-making inflammatory allergic skin reaction (vitally important not only for your sanity but also to not scratch as scratching breaks the skin and opens it to bacterial entry, potentially resulting in infection). It also dries the blisters, after which the After Allergen Balm is used, to begin the healing nourishing rebuild to the damaged derma; the same anti-inflammatory plant blend but with some added cellular regenerator healers.


The Allergy Defense Tincture is taken internally for immune system support to calm systemic allergic responses. Ideally begin using prophylactically if you know or suspect will be exposing yourself to potential allergens to support the body’s own immune modulation and the “relax already” overly active histamine system.

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