Beautiful Birch Crotch ‘N Pit Powder



Hand gathered, sundried and patiently ground White Birch humus, being naturally antibacterial, creates a soothing humidity absorbing, odour neutralizing and heat friction reducing body powder. Mixed with skin loving flowers of chamomile, lavender and calendula gives it a natural gentle scent. Feel free to use this on baby bums, your loved ones’ (human and non) summer heat rashes or your own body’s hot humid places from top to bottom (literally).

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Additional Information

10 ml powder sifter with puff.
Great size for in a purse or travel case

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:
Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:

Organic + Wild Crafted ingredients:

  • White birch humus
  • White clay
  • Flowers: Calendula, Chamomile, Goldenrod, Lavender

Apply anywhere want to control humidity, heat friction and bacterial causing odours.

Use after the anti-bacterial deodorant, under arms or even on your feet for prolonged anti-bacterial odour and humidity control (+ friction induced blisters).