Detox and Tonic


Every part of these products is made from plants and is fully compostable. All ingredients are homegrown or wild-harvested with deep respect and love.




This special blend was chosen for its toning and detoxifying effect on your filtration system, while protecting your liver and kidneys from xenobiotic toxins (heavy metals, pesticides etc.).


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Organic +Wildcrafted Ingredients
Organic +Wildcrafted Ingredients

Carefully dried for optimum potency:

Aerial parts of nettle, sage, sweet clover, yarrow; whole herb dandelion; burdock root.



This is a decoction and infusion blend, made with both hot and cold water. It may be drunk alone or diluted in your daily drinking water, ideally 1L per day for one week cycles. Ratio of 2 Tbsp. of ground herb per liter of water

You may also freeze a portion to ensure potency and save for later use. Ice cube trays make handy drop-in-water-bottle size.