Skin and Hair Tonic : Toning, Nourishing and Reparative



Phytonutrient rich nourishment for all skin and hair types. Use daily on your face and body as a toning astringent, for conditioning, healing, soothing redness and irritated or trouble skin. Its reparative capability makes it great as an after sun, shave or wax- calming and repairing damaged cell tissue. Mild enough for those with fragrance allergies.

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60 ml (2 fl oz)

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:
Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:

A gentle spring water and witch hazel hydrosol based infusion of these astringent, restorative and conditioning plants:


  • Blend of wild and cultivated Chamomile varieties
  • Calendula (officinalis)
  • Eastern White Cedar (thuja occidentalis)
  • English Lavender (lavendula Munstead and Angustifolia)
  • Plantain (plantago major and lanceolate)
  • Sage (officinalis)
  • Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
  • Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
  • Cleavers (gallium aparine)
  • Tansy (tanacetum vulgare)
  • Lemon Balm (melissa officinalis)
  • Black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia hirta)
  • Chickweed (stellaria media)

With a touch of locally sourced organic lavender essential oil and propolis as natural antioxidants and preservatives.


Spray liberally over wet or dry skin. Best used daily in a two-step skin care process with The Healing Skin Salve and repeated in situations where skin might have been damaged from exposure to sun or other irritants, to support healthy cellular repair and regeneration.

Use as the first step of the two-step Skin Care Kit with Healing Skin Salve