Not So Sick Kit




Flower Power Immune Boost, Immune Support Elixir Tinctures, Sinus, Chest ‘n Foot Rub, Cough Syrup, Ache ‘n Ear Drops, Self Heal Sore Throat Spray

The kit, along with the powerful herbal formulas of the “old standbys” such as vaporizing decongestant, cough, sore throat and ear ache relief, also includes two tinctures.


1) The Flower Power Immune Boost for immune system support when you’re under extra stress, maybe not getting enough sleep and/or feel your immune system could use a little extra pick me up and increase those invasion-fighting white blood cells; and 2) The Immune Elixir, When You Feel Something Coming On, loaded with nature’s antibiotics for fighting infection, colds, flu etc.


The Self Heal Sore Throat Spray, with its soothing relief for painfully inflamed throats; Herbal Helpers Wildcrafted Cough Syrup, to calm and dry out cough-causing mucous, and soothing irritated lungs, Sinus, Chest ‘N Foot Rub to decongest and dry out mucous of the lungs, nasal passage and sinuses and the garlic and mullein flower Ache ‘n Ear Drops to soothe minor ear aches and infections with its powerful pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and anti-bacterial properties.


All products also sold individually.

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