Skin Soother Spray Allergen Neutralizer



This blended infusion with tried ‘n true plant allies was developed using traditional indigenous knowledge with increasing scientific understanding of hapten-induced allergic responses in contact dermatitis.

The Skin Soother Spray, like its name implies, soothes the skin by neutralizing the irritating oils in allergy inducing plants such as poison ivy, cow parsnip etc. and reducing the pain and inflammatory reactivity response. It acts as an astringent antiseptic on lesions and when scratching opens the skin to bacterial infection, while drying out weeping blisters.

If you work or play where known allergens are common, or, now with climate change, are spreading, keep this handy (along with the Soother Balm) and use if suspect you’ve had contact.

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50 ml

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:
Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:

Bunchberry, chamomile, comfrey, jewelweed, lavender, plantain, rhubarb, strawberry leaf and sweet fern infused in blend of witch hazel hydrosol+ isopropyl alcohol (70%).


This blend is to best used immediately and continually following exposure and after skin has been washed with hot soap and water. Contact dermatitis can become serious quickly. If your condition is not improving or worsens, and you are concerned about infection, consult a doctor immediately.

Once the Skin Soother Spray has controlled the allergic skin reaction, and the blisters have begun to dry out, switch to the After Allergen Balm, to begin the healing nourishing rebuild to the damaged derma; the same anti-inflammatory blend but with some added cellular regenerator healers. Once allergens have been entirely neutralized, may use the Healing Skin Salve or Eczema Etc. Soother as this step 2.

Can be used along with Allergy Defense tincture which you take internally for immune system support to calm allergic response.