Wonderfully Wildcrafted : Herbal Helpers Cough Syrup



A water based infusion of lung loving plants, to calm and dry out cough-causing mucous, and soothing irritated lungs, with the tasty calmative effects of antimicrobial honey and brandy

Additional Information

100 ml (3.6 oz)

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:
Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients:

Borage, chamomile, chickweed, coltsfoot (flower + leaf), field pennycress, lavender, peppermint, goldenrod, anise hyssop, mullein, plantain, red clover, sage, self-heal, staghorn sumac berries, thyme, usnea lichen, yarrow, white pine needles+ wild lily of the valley infused in spring water.

Raw honey and brandy.


2-3 Tbsp as needed. 1-2 Tbsp child. If symptoms worsen, discontinue and consult your doctor.

As part of the “Not So Sick Kit”, this delicious Cough Syrup is included with Flower Power Immune Boost! Tincture or Immune Support Elixir Tincture, a decongesting Sinus, Chest ‘n Foot Rub, Sore Throat Soother Spray, Syrup & Ache ‘n Ear Drops.

Self Heal tincture is also a helpful addition as a respiratory tonic.

All products also sold individually.